The Salt and The Windows: Portraits of Humans from Around the World

When used correctly, a camera can be a key to unlock doors that often remain closed to the outside world. It can be both a grand excuse and wonderful bridge for creating a moment when I’m allowed to be intimate with a stranger. Each of us lives as the protagonist of our own narrative, but in that tale, we rarely let our story coalesce with another’s. For me, the point of greatest interest is in being allowed to hear someone else’s story. To be given access to a moment of honesty with someone I don’t know, and to try to capture them in an instant is a profoundly moving experience.  I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot on six continents, from remote regions of Siberia and Africa, to sprawling urban centers in Asia and the United States, and one thing I found to be universally clear, is the desperate importance of needing to connect to those that surround us.

Ronny Rose is an LA-based travel and adventure photojournalist. Check him out here.

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