Jasper Jones Photography

 This week's photoessay was taken by the talented Jasper Jones. In his words:

I spent two weeks in Egypt on the coast of the red sea. The area has been under heavy development since the late 80’s. Most of the development in the area has been of five star hotel and luxury holiday homes, conceived by one of the riches family in Egypt. Amongst the boom the unfinished and developing parts of the area fascinated me. These forms seem to echo the quietness of off-season holiday destinations. When no one was there, the feeling of incompleteness made sense in that time. Skeletal buildings, hollow swimming pools and a fresh new motorway wait in the endless desert for the seasonal buzz of holidaymaker. That completes the illusion of a flourishing paradise.

Click for full screen.

For more of Jasper's work - http://www.jasperjones.net/

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