Exhibiting Lady Kitt, paper-cutting artist

Paper-cutting must be one of the most intricate forms of art. And also one of the most laborious. Interviewed on Tuesday, Lady Kitt is a paper-cutter, performer and artistic director based in Newcastle. In her words, all her work is driven by "an insatiable curiosity to explore the social functions of art and play with the traditional roles of artist, viewer, muse and art". Here we are privileged to share a virtual exhibition of her work, including the first showing of 'Anonymous Portrait #1'.

Anonymous Portrait #1

A portrait with a difference because artist and subject have never met. Through a series of 'unseen sittings' paper cut portraits are created, not by an artist looking at a subject, but by a subject deciding what to reveal to an artist. Subjects are found by Lady Kitt through social media call outs. Communicating only online, subject #1 did not revealed their name, age, ethnicity or share any images of their face or body.

The process offers artist and subject opportunities to experience the fluctuating connections and disconnections between the physical self and the imagined self. The authentic character and the mediated character. Our internal life and our external ways of living.

"I am overwhelmed by the trust placed in me by my anonymous subjects. Their generosity in giving their time and their stories is astonishing. I asked them to unpack their lives, interests, fears, boredoms, necessities, small joys, all consuming passions. And so they have; revealing the complex, beautiful, awkward, fierce, tender, and loved creatures that we all can be given half a chance."

Lady Kitt is currently looking for venues/organisations/institutions that would like to collaborate to produce a series of Anonymous Portraits depicting people who use the venue/access services provided by the organisation. Kitt is particularly interested in working with lawyers, asylum seekers and refugees, care leavers, religious groups. Please contact her at lady_kitt@hotmail.co.uk for more information or to propose a project.

1,337 Ways I Love You

Skull created by cutting 1,337 love hearts from a single sheet of paper.

160 Ways You Make Me Feel

Cross made by cutting 160 Emojis from a single sheet of paper.

You are the Key

Lady Kitt doing a fundraising project with the fabulous Byker Community Centre (BCC) and asking people to donate a (metaphorical) heart! 

At the moment I have a big blank bit of paper in my studio. Every time someone donates a pound to the project I will cut a love heart from the paper, eventually revealing a picture of the beautiful building that is home to BCC. 

If you have a spare pound or two please consider giving it to this project, all donations go directly to BCC and help this fantastic charity to continue supporting a huge array of amazing local groups and individuals. Thank you. 

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