dott’s Best of 2015

dott existed during 3 whole weeks of 2015 as part of our pilot launch. Here we celebrate our best bits.

Words of inspiration from Pam Brown...

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Our Tuesday to remember was an interview with Rob, the mastermind behind Wriggle.  We are now avoiding Pret and saving money everywhere we go.

Check it out here...

One Wednesday, dott readers sent us photos of their favourite spaces and told us why they loved them.

See them here

We reviewed Wolf Cellar one Thursday last year in Hoxton. They soon became our favourites.

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One Friday, we learnt how to be an adult. Something we should have learnt by now...but better late than never I guess.

Learn yourself here

People over 70 are the best people. We told you about those you need to follow.

In case you missed it

Charlie Baughen was honest about her holiday Instagrams and we loved it.


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