3 Months In: Interviews

To continue our look at the first 3 months of dott, here are some of the people we've had the privilege of interviewing...


dott interviewed Jonathan Mitchell, founder of Brothers We Standan ethical menswear e-commerce site and general good guy.

We broadened our intellectual and cultural horizons when we met Arne Pohlmeier, founder of Two Gents Productions, a theatre company that uses Shakespeare to talk about migration and displacement.

Amongst the media to- and fro-ing about migration, we spoke to Anna and Ivan, two Eastern Europeans who now call London home.

We have always loved JJ Hodari, an incredible musician who you should listen to here, and were so excited to interview him too.

Mark Ellen is a legend in music journalism - Smash Hits, Live Aid, a band with Tony Blair - his accolades go on...

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